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Ever dream of moving to a different country? Ever get the desire to pack up your car and go wherever you want in your country? Want to find an inexpensive way to see the Amazon Rainforest and other wonders of this crazy world? We're here to help inspire, motivate, and let you know: it is possible. Come explore the world with us. We hope to see you out here!

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Meet the Pack


The Jack-wrangler and level-headed one of the group. How do I deal with my opinionated pack-mates? Practice, patience, and tenacity.


Your one-stop pup for all your pet travel questions. How do I do it? I'm pretty cute, and that allows me to get away with pretty much anything.

A Ginger

Don't worry, I'm the one ginger you can trust... Or can you? Ask me about how we adjust to travel and the stresses that come with it!

Downloadable PDF Guides

A complete Guide to Navigating Ecuador: Planes, Trains, Buses, Taxis.

Navigating a new and unfamiliar country can be overwhelming and intimidating. When it comes to Ecuador, don't worry - we've got you covered!

From the famous song "I've been everywhere" made famous by Johnny Cash.

If you've done your share of traveling, you should check out how many on this list you have been to... Some of the places are remote, but they definitely make for a good song!

You'll probably have to learn a little Spanish... And these are a must know!

We are certainly not fluent - but we could not have lived without these key phrases and words. If we can travel around Ecuador with these words and phrases, so can you!

Are you ready for pet-friendly travel? Your furry friend will thank you!

From having to clean up after him in the middle of the night to trying to get his food to a different country, learn how we travel with our favorite dachshund, Jack

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